Artist Statement

I live on the world’s largest light table, aka Lubbock, TX or The Flatlands.  It is an additive color landscape – more light than land, more horizon than pavement, more sky than earth.  My paintbrush is the sun; my subject is energy.  Bicycles, tumbleweeds and early American feminist history are my favorite subjects and reflect the geography I live in both physically and spiritually.


Carol Flueckiger creates mixed media artwork about feminist history, weather, and geography.  Her signature technique builds on cyanotype, a light sensitive chemical that she blends with drawing and painting via submersion and sanding techniques.  While early American feminist history informs the imagery in her artwork, the process of using sunlight links her work to sustainability.  Research destinations range in scope from Library of Congress, American Antiquarian Society and Women’s Rights National Historical Park to Freedom Solar and Solar Energy International.  She serves on the art faculty for Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts, Texas Tech University and her artwork is represented by Charles Adams Gallery in Lubbock, TX.


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Three Eleanors: A Solar Powered Paper Doll Production, 2013